Part-time International

Dual Master Degree

in Engineering Management

Graduates from the programme will be awarded a dual degree
“M.Eng.” from Chulalongkorn University and
“M.Sc.” from Warwick University.

Graduates get
2 Masters’ degrees within 18 – 36 months!

Modular approach
only 5 study days per module

No examination
as students are evaluated by PMA

Tutors are experts
from the University of Warwick, UK!

Prominent guest speakers share localised experiences

The Chula-Warwick programme

Graduates will be awarded a dual Master's degree

“Master of Engineering” in Engineering Management from Chulalongkorn University and

“Master of Science” in one of the three options from the University of Warwick which is

“Engineering Business Management (EBM)” or

“Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM)” 



Study overseas

Students could choose to study overseas in our partner Centres, e.g. UK, Singapore, etc. by requesting to attend up to two modules (from a list of available options). Interested students may contact Programme Chair or CUSE Academic Coordinator for more information.

Tuition fee

The total fee for the dual masters degree is THB660,000.

Please note that the international student who enrolled in the academic year 2021 A.D. (or B.E. 2564) onwards must pay the Group Health Insurance fee at the rate of THB2,000 per academic year.

Important Note about Scholarship

This programme is not participating in the Chulalongkorn’s scholarship programme

Programme unique advantages

Check out our programme

Announcing the New Five-year integrated Bachelor of Engineering / Dual Master of Science & Master of Engineering Degree Initiative

This exciting new option is open to all qualified fourth-year engineering students at prestigious engineering institutions in Thailand. The initiative enables students to complete their fourth-year bachelor degree courses at their respective institution while enrolling in study modules in the dual master’s degrees programme from Chulalongkorn and Warwick Universities at the same time.


Meet our staff

CUSE Management Team

Dissertation is supervised by renowned academic staff from Chulalongkorn University!

Renowned Dissertation Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Introducing CUSE!

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Innovative Integration of Business Management and Engineering into real-world applications

Introducing CUSE, Chula Systems Engineering, Chulalongkorn University (Chula)

Life at Chula (Inspired by a true story)

Chula Engineering Campus Tour

The CUSE programme covered current and upcoming global trends such as Blockchain technology that is highly relevant in today’s industry.
Adrian Paul Raj
Project & Technical Manager
Turner & Townsend LLC
As someone who has always worked in startups, having cross-functional knowledge and holistic perspectives are extremely critical. You never know when you need to do something new outside of your area of expertise. For me, CU-WMG is great.
Lalida Chunhasomboon
Lead Product Operations Manager at Grab
The flexibility of this part-time program also enables me to balance between study and work at the same time.
Punnakrit Natekijcharoen
Supply Chain Manager - Seasonal and Event Insight Analyst Tesco Lotus

Overseas Study

Students are often interested to take some modules that are not currently available in Thailand. Fortunately, they may able to take such modules at any of our partnered Centers.