Admission Process

CU&WMG M.Eng./M.Sc. Application Timeline

The programme can be applied all year round with two options:

  1. If the application process is completed before 15 Feb, the first module will be started on April.
  2. If the application process is completed before 15 July, the first module will be started on Sep.

Admission Requirements

To apply for the programme , the applicant should have:

1. Bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering or (non-biological) science. If not, only WMG degree may be possible, not the dual degree.

2. GPA over 2.8 or equivalent for those without any work experience.

3. If the applicant’s GPA is lower than 2.8, at least 2 years of work experience in related industries is necessary.

4. If the applicant’s GPA is lower than 2.8 and having no work experience, the applicant may be initially accepted as Pg.Dip. (Postgraduate Diploma) and will be upgraded to M.Sc. if the everage marks of 3 modules is 55 or higher.

5. Proficient command of English with either: TOEFL Internet-Based Test (iBT) Academic IELTS

Note: A conditional offer is often granted to applicants who have their English proficiency scores lower than the standard requirement. Please do not afraid to apply and do feel free to contact the Centre (064-9834495, 02-2186804, or 02-2186803 ask for Mr.Banlang ) for further information and assistances.

Note: PGA (Postgraduate Award) could also be offered where applicants fall short of the English language proficiency requirement in written and reading elements. The students would be allowed to upgrade to M.Sc. if they pass all 3 modules during the year of the PGA.

Note: Candidates who have graduated at an undergrad level studying for at least 2 years (or at least 1 year at postgraduate level) in an English speaking country (i.e. UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore), within the past 2 years, may be exempted from testing the English Language Proficiency. CU-TEP score is not acceptable.

Tuition fee​

The total fee for the dual masters degree is 660,000 Baht

The amount is divided into:

  • Coursework modules: 600,000 Baht (50,000 per module x 12 modules), payable when the module is registered.
  • Dissertation: 60,000 Baht, payable before presenting the project proposal.

The amount includes all learning materials, simple food & beverage and full student benefits of both universities.

  • The international student who enrolled in the academic year 2021 A.D. (or B.E. 2564) onwards must pay the Group Health Insurance fee at the rate of THB2,000 per academic year.

Note: If students cannot complete the programme within 3 academic years of CU, they will have to pay the CU’s tuition fee by themselves during their extensions.

Each module
50,000 Bht.
Coursework modules
12 modules
60,000 Baht
The total fee for the dual masters degree
660,000 Baht
The Group Health Insurance fee per academic year
2,000 Baht

Tuition fee for Transferred Student

Module fees for all those students who transfer from a 9-module programme to complete their MSc degree at CUSE are THB66,667 per module, and the thesis registration fee is THB80,000.

Each module for Transferred Student
66,667 Baht
Dissertation for Transferred Student
80,000 Baht


  • Each coursework fee is payable in module by module, 7 days prior to the starting date.
  • Dissertation fee is payable before presenting the project proposal.
  • Payment evidences for courseworks and dissertation must be provided via email to

Bank Account Information

Regional Centre for Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
0452485563 (SWIFT Code: SICOTHBK)

Once paid for any expenses, please send the receipt to with all relevant details (your name and for what purpose).